Domain Registration

Maticinfo is one of the best and cheapest providers of domain and hosting services in Pune, Mumbai, and Nashik, India. Maticinfo offers shared hosting services for small-scale to medium-scale business websites. Any of their unlimited hosting plans

Maticinfo provides domain and hosting services in Pune. Web hosting is a service that allows a company or organisation or individual to post a web page or web site on the internet.

A web hosting services provider is nothing but a business which gives the services and technologies that are needed for a webpage or website to get viewed on the internet. Most web hosting companies require you to have your own domain in order to host with them.In this case , if you do not have the domain, then the companies will help you buy a domain.

Domain Name Registration

Maticinfo provides the cheapest domain registration services in Pune. We will be glad to help you with domain name registration.

Hosting Registration Services

Website hosting is basically your space on the internet where your domain lives. Our hosting services enable our clients to host their sites all over the world. We work with an authorised organisation of web hosting companies. Client satisfaction is our main motto. We have lots of hosting plans as per the requirements of our customers.


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