Exihibition Stall Design

An exhibition stall is a fabricated booth with certain dimensions that reflects the personality of a brand. The theme, colour, graphics and design should capture the attention of the audience in a trade show, conference, expo etc. We are leading to design Exihibition Stall Design service in Pune.

Conceptualizing exhibition stand design is far more complicated than you may anticipate. When you nail the basics appropriately, an exhibition stall can go a long way, leveraging your brand value. Evidently, exhibitions have made their way into the marketing mix in a new attire in the digitized age. With too many visual elements, including background colors, fonts, typography and your products competing for attention in exhibition stalls, chances are high to end up in a cluttered mix. Therefore, your booth design should be simplistic, while resonating your brand image and appealing to potential customers at the same time.


Here, you will come across certain exhibition stall design guidelines, that can deliver a unique personality to your brand.

booth design is a holistic process that requires a deep insight into branding, customer relations and the overall impact you want to create. For a comprehensive assistance for exhibition stall design in Mumbai, simply approach us with your aspirations.


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